Alex Pastor, Cape Town, 2012

Oswald Smith, Brazil, 2014

INTRO: Jim Gaunt Ydwer van der Heide has landed the most cover shots on Kiteworld, with a total of 19. I’ll never forget the first submission we received from the Dutchman, which immediately earned him his first cover shot of Bram Bast on issue #46, in 2010. While most of the dedicated professional photographers at the time, who had come into kiting from surfing, had heavily veered their photo focus back towards waves by shooting wave kiting, Ydwer was different. Where others had lost inspiration for twin-tip tricks, Ydwer was managing to capture new school freestyle in a way that we’d never really seen; freeze framing the power, effort and style, helping us all appreciate why so may younger riders were frothing on the intensity of unhooked manoeuvres. Long term Kiteworld staff photographer, we’ve picked out some of our favourite shots in this feature captured by Ydwer over the years. A year ago last February, Ydwer sustained a serious spinal cord injury and remains wheelchair bound. He is, however, slowly making improvements and regaining more physical ability than his specialists had perhaps predicted. He is one massively positive individual and has found ways to continue practicing his burning ambition to take photos. Ydwer is currently working on his first photo book, which he’ll release very soon. Follow him on Instagram for further release details: @ydwer

Madagascar, 2019

Lasse Walker, Cape Town, 2017

Bas Koole, Brazil, 2011

Airton Cozzolino, Cape Verde, 2019

Brazil, 2010