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That’s what you get with the new Choice 4. Kickers. Lagoon. Boots. Or Straps. We build the Choice 4 to do it all. And now with Katana tips, beveled deck, and tucked under bottom rails, you’ll be killin’ it everywhere. Our latest iteration delivers improved versatility and performance while retaining the proven CNC milled Paulownia wood core and Cartan carbon construction that Choice riders demand. Feel the new Cartan powered Katana Channels and Deck Bevels fuel your jumps and unhooked repertoire. Our proven multi-channel hull delivers more woohoo’s per mile than ever before. Go hard. Or take it easy. It's all good on the Choice 4.


The Choice 4 debuts unique top and bottom rails that improve riding comfort and performance. We beveled the top deck edge between the footpads by approximately 2mm in thickness. The bottom edge receives a new 60/40 tucked under rail between the pads that transitions into a flat box rail at the tips. Flex and water flow are improved, and it's more comfortable in chop. Our new rails may be harder to manufacture, but we’re sure you’ll appreciate these finer details. Maybe you’re not a wakestyler, but you could be one day. And perhaps you’re not a big air expert yet, but you’re on your way. So, keep your options open with the Choice 4 – a twintip with limitless options. Sizes: 133x40 | 135x41 | 137x41,5 | 139x42 | 141x42,5 | 144x43,5

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No-stretch ExoTex Light replaces ExoTex Ultra Rigid Dacron in the struts. The new Dacron incorporates a re-engineered radial thread pattern and emulsion (protective coating) process that reduces mass by approximately 10%. While ExoTex is used for the leading edge, the new ExoTex Light struts improve the Nexus 2’s drifting and turning speed – important attributes for freestylers and wave riders.