Key characters, moments, locations and developments that hold a special significance in the history of kiteboarding’s most notable brands, as told by those involved



Alby has been in the game longer than most, yet his level of riding just doesn’t dip. He’s exceptionally dependable when a camera is pointed his way, no matter the conditions even on short lines to bring the kite closer to the rider. Even with everything stacked against him, Alby manages to consistently take-off and perform tricks in the perfect spot to create iconic images year after year. He’s a role model for younger team riders looking to hone their skills and climb the sponsorship ladder. For someone that still charges so hard on the water, he’s managed to stay injury free and enormously relevant in a young gun industry. Maybe his secret is the Italian vegan cuisine? Whatever it is, I’m sure you’ll continue seeing this friendly, all-round performer in brand advertising images for years to come.


One of the awesome things about shooting on the island of Maui is that the Cabrinha test and marketing office is right there on the north shore. The staff are a really tight knit group and when there are riders in town for photo shoots there is such a family atmosphere. Sunset sessions often turn into gatherings to share a beer after work where everyone gathers to watch the team on the water doing their thing. Partners, kids and friends stop by for food and drinks and I think that becoming viewing entertainment for everyone cheering on the shore is a big reason the team pushes it even harder on the water. It’s often quite hard taking pictures if you’re on land as you can easily just join in the vibe and conversations. This shot is taken from one of the classic Maui spots where a strip of land protects the beach level from the wind and provides the perfect place to ocean gaze as the sun descends behind the mountains. The riders tack straight in to boost airs and then hit kickers on the way out, perfectly dazzled by the backlit sun. It’s a special place and every trip I leave with fond memories of such sessions.”

Long time team rider, Moona Whyte, fearless

Keah ‘Mr Barrels’ de Aboitiz – undoubtedly the best barrel rider in the game