Key characters, moments, locations and developments that hold a special significance in the history of kiteboarding’s most notable brands, as told by those involved



Emotions were flying all over while browsing through our old photos for this feature. Good times, great memories and some of these images hang on our office walls.


Main image caption: Rocky Chatwell ripping in 2008

1 & 2. Times change, but the passion stays the same. Jozef in 1990 and 2016 3. This shot taken in 2003 pretty much marks the birth of CrazyFly kiteboarding with founder, Jozef Bukovcak, holding one of the first boards in the twin-tip range at a trade show in Brno, Czech Republic. (Notice the CrazyFly windsurf boards in the background!)

4. In 2016 CrazyFly produced the first kite made in a European factory – our own. Here Pavol Bukovcak cuts the materials by hand and the kite was sewn together exactly as you see in this photo. The kite was asymmetric and far from perfect, but Pavol proudly said after making it, “With the right machines and the right people, we can easily manufacture kites.”. We believed him and he delivered. It wasn’t quite as easy as he thought but pushing forward with our own factory completely changed the nature of our company and makes it what it is today. 5. American Rocky Chatwell was our first ever pro rider on the PKRA tour. This was the first ever podium finish for a CF pro rider. We’re quite sure you’ll recognize the other guys on the podium. Captions: Juraj Bukovcak