While foiling this week, it occurred to me just how many things my mind and body are managing at once. They say the human body is the most advanced piece of kit on Earth and it seems to work best when challenged. Kiting is like suddenly having all the switches on my fuse board flicked back on. My brain swells with the focus of absolute engagement as I manage pitch, roll, power and direction, from my head through to my toes. I do it all again as I adjust my foot pressures to drop down a small wind swell. Meanwhile my hands are finely programmed sensors, rapidly relaying my brain with information that my kite lines just dropped a newton of bar pressure, so when I twist my hips, bend my knees and add more weight through my heels to fade further downwind I'll also need to downloop the kite to drift with me. My front hand instinctively slides forward... I form the link. As one machine, we ebb and flow together with moments managing often thunderous currents of power prior to floating gracefully behind as my lines become absolutely weightless. The kite climbs beautifully as I sheet out and my inner ear notices only the faint fizzing sound of my mast sweetly scything the surface beneath me. Kiting's natural sensory nourishment has never been as obvious as this year when so many aspects of life have been dumbed down. We are human and we'll do what we need to to survive. Right now that's doing whatever it takes to suppress a virus, but when I looked around the beaches this year, it was obvious just how effective kiting is at feeding our natural need to explore, play and feel success.


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Jim Gaunt - Kiteworld Magazine Editor

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