CAPTION: Janek Grzegorzewski / PHOTO: Thomas Burblies


CAPE TOWN, SOUTH AFRICA Home of the Red Bull King of the Air HOOD RIVER, USA Unique river kiting experience, Oregon OUTER BANKS, USA Flat water (and surf) dreams, Cape Hatteras TURKS AND CAICOS, WEST INDIES Providenciales island is rich in stunning cays ST. LUCIA, THE CARIBBEAN Coconut Bay is calling LIMNOS, GREECE Rustic, old world charm - Keros Bay RHODES, GREECE Bed to kite beach in a few steps! GIZZERIA, SOUTHERN ITALY Hangloose Beach vibes and world class racing CABADELO BEACH, PORTUGAL Viana do Castelo, sports action for all the family

FLAG BEACH, FUERTEVENTURA All levels, all conditions TARIFA, SPAIN Kiting capital of Europe CORNWALL, UK The best wave spots in the Kingdom POOLE, UK The millionaire's mile EXMOUTH, UK Duck pond dynasties SOUTH WALES Beautiful beaches without the kite crowds


THE ACTION CRUISE Boat cruises through the Mediterranean, Cyclades and Caribbean for kitesurfers FREERIDE KITESURF Downwinders and clinics in Brazil, South Africa and Greece





LAND OF HOPE - NEW ZEALAND Ever since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic societies the world over have marvelled at New Zealand's ability to seemingly lock Covid-19 out very early on. So how has it been 'inside' their borders? North Kiteboarding's design and marketing HQ is based in Auckland. Jim Gaunt asked the team for some insights from their 'utopian bubble' MAKING IT TO MAUI While their economy has taken an enormous hit through the lack of tourism visiting, the residents of Hawaiian islands have enjoyed unrestricted access to their beaches for watersports for most of the last 12 months. We fished for an island update from the Naish team and to also hear of the more arduous routes some team riders endured to make it out there for testing / photoshoot campaigns throughout 2020 YDWER VAN DER HEIDE UPDATE 16 week update on the recovery of one of kiteboarding's top photographers, who found himself paralysed from the shoulders down after a surf foiling accident


IT'S TIME TO KITELOOP Lewis Crathern's technique video THE BETTER KITER Self rescue tips from the BKSA's head of training, Andy Gratwick MAY THE WEATHER BE WITH YOU A regular column to enhance our understanding of the wonderful world of wind by iKitesurf meteorologist, Shea Gibson. This issue, how jet streams and the arctic oscillation have had a hand in the strange spring weather in the northern hemisphere


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