Experiencing the spirit of Limnos with its classic turquoise waters, steady winds, fascinating culture and fantastic food.

WHEN TO GO: Peak Season: May – September Air Temp: 25 - 30°C / 77 - 86°F Water Temp: 24°C / 75°F


Main image: Keros Bay cruise All photos: Surf Club Keros

Improve your riding in ideal, warm Meltemi winds ALL PHOTOS: Surf Club Keros

ON THE WATER Keros is a super safe, sandy kitesurfing bay with a variety of conditions, suitable for all. The whole set up is within a protected ecosystem where you can spot wildlife such as rabbits, flamingos and rare species of flora. Expect space, safety, beautiful colours and, of course, the great vibes on the beach! The main spot at Keros on the eastern side of the island of Limnos is a safe, sandy, four kilometre bay with a variety of conditions to suit all abilities. Even in high season there is enough space for everyone. Beginners feel confident because they can't drift away. In fact, the worse case scenario is that you will end up a few hundred metres further along the sandy beach, if for some reason the rescue boat does not come for you before this happens. The famous Meltemi winds blow from the left across postcard-perfect turquoise waters with everything from flat conditions on one side of the bay, to small but shred-able waves on the other side.

In the middle of the bay it’s flat, sandy and comfortably shallow for the first 200 metres, making it great for learning. Go beyond that and there’s small chop for boosting off. Due to the way the bay wraps round, if you get in trouble you’ll usually just drift to land at the far end and the smooth winds and obstacle-free seabed make Keros a perfect place to work on your foiling. You can put in long days on the water here too because the wind’s usually in by about 9 or 10am and carries on until 4pm, before dropping off. It can switch slightly offshore later in the day too, so keep an eye out for a direction change around then. There are other kite spots around the island and Surf Club Keros run a two hour downwinder trip that cruises down the east coast of Limnos back to Keros Beach - where a beer will be waiting!

SCK also provide accessible kite lessons

Keros is a safe, protected bay, great for learning

Improve your foiling

WIND, WEATHER AND WATER There’s wind in Keros from April to October with June through August being the peak months when the Meltemi trades blow down from the north / northeast. In early and late season (April and October) you’ll get other wind directions and once the wind is properly in during the day, nines are the most regularly-ridden kite size. There are up to 280 days of sun each year and mid-summer water temperatures are around 23 – 24°C / 73 – 75°F. Bring boardies in July and August, a shorty for May, June and September and a 3/2mm wetsuit in April and October. Due to Limnos’ location in the northern Aegean, the climate is slightly milder than on the islands further south, so it never feels oppressively hot, but still averages 30°C / 86°F through the day with a drop in temperature in the evening.

Surf Club Keros beach set-up

“I love Keros because it gives me all the space I need to try new tricks and at the same time my friends and girlfriend can learn and progress at one of the easiest spots for kitesurfing.” NICOLA ABADJIEV / RRD PRO RIDER

Scoring a wind swell surf sesh!

OTHER SPORTS & OFF THE WATER ACTIVITIES Here you can experience the real Greece as it was 30 – 40 years ago before mass-tourism, with friendly people, good food, tradition and originality. Limnos island is unspoiled with amazing landscapes and there's much to see and do off the water. Besides sightseeing there are plenty of other windless activities. You can surf in the early mornings, go on moonlit SUP tours, go kayaking, snorkelling, mountain biking and hiking, do yoga or take a spa day. There’s also a pink flamingo colony on the lake right behind the kite spot. A trip to Limnos’ capital Myrina, with its Byzantine castle overlooking the town, is also worth doing and you’ll find shops, restaurants, bars and more there. It takes about 40 minutes to reach Myrina and there are buses and taxis available.

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Kontopouli is the main village close by, Kalliopi is the nearest main town three kilometres away and Moudros is a ten minute drive, with ATMs and supermarkets. The distance from the Surf Camp to the beach is about an 800 metre walk. Most rent out mountain bikes or scooters, but it's worth hiring a car for at least a few days to take a trip around the island. A scooter will do the job too, though. People usually eat at Mama's restaurant within the Surf Club camping grounds, which serves traditional Greek food, but there are lots of other options in the area with amazing fish and local cuisine.

No ordinary 'tent'!

ACCOMMODATION Visiting Keros is like taking a trip back to how Greece was before mass-tourism. There are accommodation options right on the spot and Surf Club Keros offer the ‘glamping’ experience in luxury safari tents of various sizes. The tents are fully equipped with luxurious furniture, spacious WC / showers, TV, A/C and other amenities. Situated on a hill they offer a great view to the beach, which is about 500 metres away. You can either walk to the spot or take Surf Club Keros’ free shuttle service, which runs every 20 minutes. Surf Club Keros serve up awesome traditional Grecian cuisine, but there are other good options for local food elsewhere. There are also many self-catering properties to rent, from apartments to traditional farmhouses in the surrounding villages, such as Kalliopi, which is just a five minute drive away.


Limnos International Airport (LXS) is ten minutes from Keros and regularly served by direct charter flights. Otherwise, fly budget airlines into Athens (ATH), Thessaloniki (SKG), Rhodes (RHO) or Lesvos (MJT) and catch a domestic connection to Limnos via Aegean Airlines, Sky Express or Astra Airlines (from SKG)

SCHOOLS SURF CLUB KEROS LODGE AND SPA are IKO accredited and teach all levels from June to October at 2:1 max ratio. The latest 2021 RRD gear is also available for hire or sale. Rescue cover is provided to clients, plus there are daily refresher clinics and regular downwinders. Windsurfing, SUP and mountain biking are also offered. Languages: English, Greek, Bulgarian, German, French and sometimes more.

TRAVEL AGENTS PLANET KITESURF HOLIDAYS +44 (0) 1273 921 001 SPORTIF TRAVEL +44 (0) 1273 844 919


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