Main image: Somewhere... in Greece THE ACTION CRUISE - Kitesurfing in epic and secluded spots, adventuring wherever the wind takes you and living on a sailing catamaran. Operating since 2015, the Action Cruise team are passionate about seeking out virgin kite spots and sailing to the most beautiful beaches on their charts. All of their trips take place on luxury catamarans with cruises running throughout the year in some of the most incredible, ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ destinations you could ever hope to kite!


Italy – Sardinia Greece - Cyclades Islands around Paros St Vincent and the Grenadines Antigua and Barbuda Egypt - Tawila Island


THE LURE These trips are for the adventurous, but never at the expense of safety. You can expect to hit four to six destinations / spots per week and usually those locations are mainly private or have very low rider numbers and most often with flat water. While there are no wave spots on these trips, sometimes you can enjoy open sea downwinders with the catamaran as safety support. The tender is always present as a safety boat wherever else you will be kiting. All trips take place on premium catamarans: Nautitech 46 Fly Bridge (Sardinia), Lagoon 500 Fly Bridge (Greece) and Lagoon 45 Fly Bridge (Grenadines). Custom voyages are available too; ideal for groups of friends, company teams and families who can reserve an entire catamaran and it's always possible to upgrade to a bigger boat for particular customer requests. There’s always a chef on board and a crew consisting of three experienced sailors and staff members, all of whom love wind sports and adventure. The service is full board and each catamaran can cater for any dietary requirements or culinary desires.

SARDINIAN CRUISES Best Wind: May / June & Sept / Oct Air temp: 15 - 25˚C / 59 - 77˚F Water temp: May – June 18 – 20˚C / 64 - 68˚F Sept – Oct 21 – 24˚C / 70 - 75˚F Wetsuit: Long 3mm

CYCLADES, GREECE CRUISES Best wind: July August September Air temp: 25 - 28˚C / 77 - 82˚F Water temp: 24˚C / 75˚F Wetsuit: Shorty 3mm

GRENADINES AND ANTIGUA Best wind: December - April Air temp: 27 – 29˚C / 80 - 84˚F Water temp: 26 - 28˚C / 79 - 82˚F Wetsuit: 1mm neoprene top or shorty 2mm

EGYPT CRUISES Best Wind: April - October Air temp: 15 – 30˚C / 59 - 86˚F Water temp: 23 – 29˚C / 73 - 84˚F Wetsuit: Long 3mm to just a 1mm top

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Sardinia, shot in 2019


The cruises follow the seasons and all are timed in conjunction with the peak times of the year for wind in each location.

SARDINIA The Sardinia cruises (May - June and September - October) run in both the north and south of the island. Cruise around Porto Pollo and the Maddalena Archipelago in the north, before heading across to the south of Corsica and the islands within the Natural Reserve of Bonifacio. Life on-board provides the ability and freedom to kite and swim in more private, harder-to-reach spots, like the amazing Lavezzi Island in the Bonifacio Straits. If there’s good riding to be had, The Action Cruise will find it! Then, how about a quick visit to the white cliffs of Bonifacio before dinner in the old port of Bonifacio Marina? Until now the south of Sardinia has only been available for custom bookings, but the crew have had such good times there that next year it will also be cemented into the calendar. Departing Cagliari or Porto Scuso, the cruise will hit amazing spots like Porto Botte, Punta Trettu, Porto Pino and unique spots like Carlo Forte Island and Pan di Zucchero.




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Greece, shot in 2017

GREECE On the Cyclades cruise (July, August and early September) you’ll meet the boat in Paroikia, Greece, before setting sail for ten days through azure Mediterranean waters, navigating around some of the 220 islands that make up the island chain. There are countless flat water spots, many of them on secluded islands that can only be reached by boat, so they’ll be all yours! Hit spots such as Paros, Antiparos, Blue Lagoon, Naxos, Kofounissi, Mykonos and Rinia. The catamaran crew can take you to the best restaurants and nightlife, or to check out traditional Greek villages away from popular tourist locations.

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Grenadines, shot in 2019

CARIBBEAN The best months for Caribbean cruises are from December to May with the Grenadines trips starting out from Le Marin in Martinique, St Georges in Grenada or St. Vincent in the Grenadines. The Antigua, Barbuda and Guadalupe tours kick-off in Antigua’s Jolly Harbour. On all Caribbean cruises you’ll stay in a double room on modern, fully equipped catamarans for ten days and the focus is mainly on finding flat water and freeride conditions around the remote atolls, sandbars and cays that dot these islands. More advanced riders can follow the catamaran on downwinders and you’ll also visit some of the area’s most iconic spots, like Union Island in the Grenadines and Green Island on Antigua.

EGYPT This year the Action Cruise team are also in Egypt, test cruising the Tawila area off the coast of Hurghada on motor boats, with capacity for up to 20 riders. Look out for potentially more Egypt dates next year. EXTRA GEAR AND STOPS Action Cruise have rental equipment, including foils and directionals, available on request and they also have snorkelling gear that’s free for use. On no-wind days you can go SUPing, cliff diving and also wakeboarding on the Cyclades trips and the crew will often anchor next to port towns on both their Caribbean and Mediterranean cruises, allowing you to go ashore, eat and take in some of the local culture.




The boats come fully equipped with the latest gear from North Kiteboarding, including two full quivers of Orbit, Reach and Carve kites from 15 down to six metres that are ready to rent at a moment’s notice. The crew also have good cameras (including a GoPro 360 and a drone) to capture your tricks.

SAFETY All of the boats that Action Cruise operate have tenders (safety boat) which are on the water with you when you go kiting. You’ll always have a team member watching over you, which means you can shred those remote, off-shore flat water spots with equanimity! The crew can help you launch your kite from the boat or they’ll take you to shore and you can set up on the beach. RIDER LEVEL The Action Cruise welcome kiters of all levels with instruction available for beginners and improvers. Beginners can join the cruises in Greece, Sardinia, the Grenadines and Antigua, but these trips are ideal for independent kiters, while Egypt is very easy for beginners. Lessons are taught 1:1 in English or Italian by IKO instructors using BBtalkin radio headsets, safety boat support and video coaching.

Boat tender / rescue rib


Sardinia - Olbia Costa Smeralda (LIEO) Greece - Mykonos (JMK) / Athens (ATH) / Paros (PAS) Grenadines - Martinique Fort de France (FDF) / Grenada (GND) / St Vincent and Grenadines (SVD) Antigua - Antigua (ANU) Egypt - Hurghada (HEGN)


OTHER INFORMATION Before boarding the catamaran every kiter is tested by a fast swab Antigenic Covid test and only the negative are admitted on board.

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