The onset of summer was warm and the session count was starting to pile up nicely, but then the UK then went on to record such little wind over the mid-late summer. Wind turbine fields under performed so badly that more traditional energy stations were asked to turn the lights back on and increase their activity. I’ve read some reports that wind energy this year has provided only 7% of the country’s energy delivery, compared to the 25% it covered in the same time frame last year. Nevertheless, we’re on the brink of autumn and October - November here in the UK are usually outstanding for wind (not to mention the quieter beaches...). So, I’m feeling positive and I just heard some more uplifting news from Marcus Bull, a kiter who I met in the early 2000s riding in Brighton, who also runs Planet Kitesurf Holidays. His company, and many other travel operators, have been through the ringer in the last 12 to 18 months, but since the UK Foreign Office removed a clutch of travel restrictions and relaxed the requirements for testing in late September, “the flood gates have opened” he says. Mauritius bookings are “rocketing” with the route re-opening as of 1st October. Dakhla, Mauritius and southern Fuerteventura (thanks to the accelerated autumn winds) are his recommendations for the coming months if you need an escape.



I realise that residents of other countries have been more freely able to travel, particularly those based in Europe who have enjoyed far easier inter-continental travel; and similarly in the USA. I appreciate you not having rubbed it in too much, though I still have plenty of epic spots around this island to hit before the leaves all fall... Be sure to grab your sessions everyone! See you on the water, Jim Gaunt Kiteworld Editor

Main image: One man who is young and free enough to have perhaps not been so concerned with changing regulations and the administration of travel through 2021 has been Janek Grzegorzewski. The young Pole has not only dominated the big air social media scene with his seemingly ever-expanding megaloop / board-off combination trick list, but he’s firmly planted himself at the top of the Big Air Kite League, winning both the Tarifa and Tatajuba (Brazil) events this year. He was sadly injured for the recent Cold Hawaii Games, but here he is more often found contorted, inverted, critically co-ordinated and fully in tune, stretching the advantage of youth and ensuring he’s in the right place at the right time Photo: Big Air Kite League Tatajuba


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