Matias from Heli said, “There’s a jacuzzi on the roof, maybe you could jump from it?” “Ha ha, that’s crazy!” I replied. Thinking about it though, jumping from the jacuzzi would just be about sending the kite and controlling the jump. That was the easy part. The bigger struggle was getting in the jacuzzi on the upper deck, 12 metres above the water on a 50 metre yacht. After discussing things with the captain and Matias, we came up with a plan: I’d launch the kite at the beach and ride to the rear deck of the boat and get onboard. Somehow the kite and I needed to go up three levels. I landed the kite at 9 o’clock out over the water, let go of the bar and just held the chicken-loop, which I attached to a rope. From there on I held onto the chicken-loop and passed Matias the rope on the higher level – all the while hoping the kite would stay at 9 o’clock and not start flying to or beyond 12. I let go and then ran up each deck, repeating the process until I’d reached the top. Once I took the bar on the top deck, I hooked in and slowly relaunched the kite, at which point I felt much more relaxed. From that moment it was all fun and games and I got to jump out of the jacuzzi into the ocean! It was such a cool jump and sensation, having everyone on the boat cheering. Definitely something I’ll never forget! is a market place for adventure


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