Over 500 kitesurfing spots, with information on style, level, wind direction, water temperature and peak season - all on an intricately illustrated map of the world. Never be short on kite travel inspiration again! Available as poster, XXL canvas, towel and foldable map. Other sport themed maps also available.

Prices around £48 / $59.90 / €49.95.


CoolBoard adds an exciting twist to the humble balance board. Free-floating on the ball, the riding sensation is as addictive as it is beneficial. For an easy start CoolBoard can also be used on an adjustable disc. Not just for fun, CoolBoard will improve your board control, keep legs and core tip-top and help you recover from injuries.

Prices around £130 - £210 / $146-$236 / €127 - €205


Dr. Tuba’s is the most advanced and up-to-date kite repair kit for almost any known problem on a kite, from ripstop and dacron fabrics to bladders and valves. You’ll only realise how crucial this kit is when it’s saved your bacon and got you back on the water when you could have been heading home. Dr.Tuba offer a huge selection of kite bladders for all the big brands, backdating way back to models from the mid 2000s. Designed with pre-welded valves, the whole bladder is 10-20% lighter than those installed in off-the-shelf kites, which could increase your kite’s performance. Get up to 30% discount on full kite bladder sets. Delivering in under 48 hours, bladders come with an impressive three year warranty. If you’ve got a few years of kiting under your belt you’ll know that from time to time – and no matter what brand – kite valves can fail. Dr.Tuba offer replacements to fit every kite. They’re easy to apply, are stitched (not glued) and sit firmly in place to get you back on the water ASAP. Available in a range of sizes to suit pretty much all situations.


Producing action camera mounts for windsurf sails, wings and kiteboards, Flymount also offer extra safety leashes for your camera, backdoors with leashes for GoPros and camera adapters. We tested the Flymount Aero wing mount with a GoPro Max in our sister magazine, Wing Surf World, and it’s a really superb design. Strong, well engineered, sturdy, easy to use and very reliable. Of course, here in Kiteworld we’re more interested in their kiteboard mount that uses your fin bolts to connect the camera securely to your board. Weighing just 13 grams, it’s made from ultra strong premium grade glass filled Nylon PA66 to withstand heavy use in saltwater and high levels of UV. A sound investment in your after session stoke, for just £10.99, produced in the UK.


Kiteworld print issues are available in Winter and Summer editions, and are a vital part of any kiteboarder’s life. Subscriptions are a perfect gift. Our new white Never Come Down T-shirt is out now, too!


The Typhoon is a state-of-the-art watershade, equipped with polarized lenses by ZEISS which repel water with a Tri-Pel hydrophobic and scratch resistant coating. Available in a huge array of colours with a three year warranty. Find our Flo watershade review also in this issue! Also featuring here another of many in the LiP Sunglasses Urban range; the Jazz is available in eight variations with a wide variety of frame and ZEISS lenses to choose from (polarized / multilayer mirror / gradient).


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