Mystic don’t just make excellent wetsuits and harnesses – you’ll find that they also offer every accessory you could need for kiting, as well as stacks of stylish apparel, such as these jackets.


Advance your kitesurfing, kiteboarding and kitefoiling technique with Rob Claisse and Progression’s new virtual coaching. Send your kitesurf videos, then get face to face feedback and coaching to improve your next session. Use on holiday, in between sessions, or when you just want to improve. Coaching anytime, anywhere. From £60.


Neatly store your kiteboards, SUP, surf and foil boards, plus your kites and accessories with a range of racking systems, neatly designed by South African company, Rakit. Pictured here is the Kite Station Plus system, but you can choose from the simple two board ‘Flatmate’ rack, up to the much taller ‘Jacobs Ladder’ with racks for eight boards. For the complete rider, the ‘Waterman’ has varying depth racks and paddle clips. You’ll be amazed at how much space you create in your garage when you rack your boards and these could even be fit in your van if it’s suitably lined. Full installation hardware included, prices start from R1,999 (roughly £95 / €112 / $130)


Ride Engine produce a wealth of kite and surf accessories, from wetsuits to harnesses, to winter protection, as well as foil boards and hydrofoils! They’ve also got you covered when it comes to luggage, of all shapes and sizes!


No kiter’s Christmas tree is complete without some of these kite equipment decorations made in the UK! Choose your favourite brand, model and year on the website and Sam will hand make your own mini kite or board with full colour ink pressed into a glossy wooden sheet. Coming soon, once done as a decoration, you will also be able to get a pot of fragrance oil and re-use the decoration as an air freshener for your car! Sam is an ex pro windsurf racer, a super keen kiter and has just taken over Worthing Watersports in Sussex, UK.


There’s no more of a complete guide to the planet’s kiteboarding hotspots than the Kite and Windsurfing Guides to the World and Europe. Featuring in-depth explanations of wind, wave and weather conditions throughout the year, the guides also offer authentic travel information on what to expect in each region, the practicalities of travelling there and what you’ll need to take with you. The guide to Europe is even more comprehensive than the World edition and, although it covers a much smaller area, it details a whopping 2,500 kiting and windsurfing venues in 17 different countries! If you want to travel light, all info is also available via online-subscription and as an iOS-App. Price: €49.90 + shipping.


The ultimate coffee-style guide to kiteboarding tricks and technique. It starts with the basics and finishes with moves that only the kite gods can dream of. Perfect for anyone who has been bitten by the kite bug and can’t stop thinking about what to try next. This 424 page bestseller is available in six languages and covers all riding styles, from wakestyle to old school. Price: €49.


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