MOTO 10M (2021)

TESTED BY: Jim Gaunt


PUBLISHED: Summer 2021 Print Issue – May 2021

TEST TEAM NOTES: Since the new Cabrinha 00 collection launched in February, we've spent time on the Contra single strut, Switchblade, Drifter and this Moto. The turning arc, depower and bar pressure are carefully related between the different kite's characters, while the quality of the cockpit experience is a reminder of the heritage that one of kitesurfing's most enduring brands can deliver.

There have been changes behind the scenes at Cabrinha that made this '00' range launch one of the most watched within the industry. To cut to the chase, as of mid-2020 Cabrinha was back home, operationally and design led on Maui in the same building that Pete started the company back in 1999, but questions remained as to how they might continue to innovate with as much consistency as we'd seen in the past, now separated from the Neil Pryde Group. The all new Contra 9m is already one of the best single-strut kites of the year for us – mixing extremely user-friendly power with adept manoeuvrability. The Moto is an entirely different performer but shares the same joyous connection. Not only does it stand out for its immediately responsive steering, it's one of the best true all-round kites we've experienced.

IDEAL 10M FEEL AND RANGE One of the big reasons is that the healthy low end and dynamic top end give you the power you should expect from a ten metre. Unlike some in the modern age, it's not so focused on managing huge winds, leaving you to feel under-gunned in 20 knots. The Moto comes alive in 18 knots and won't break sweat for most averagely sized riders throughout the high twenties and beyond. As an experienced rider I was easily able to generate board speed through kite movement, hold my ground upwind on a twin-tip in 14 knots and enjoy a fluid session for smashing waves on a surfboard. It's that touch and feel, combined with a slightly increased reaction time this year that makes the Moto feel so right. The tyres grip from the moment you hit the accelerator and the turning circle is drawn instantly inwards, rather than seeing the kite initially drift out at first input, only to require an increasing bar pressure to turn harder. This assured feel is as useful for intermediates looking to make sense of their bar inputs, as it is for high performance riders needing reliability around a loop.

Jumping and lift performance is excellent from the low to high end range. The light feel in the handling, excellent canopy behaviour in low wind speeds, as well as high levels of adjustability in sheeting range, also make this a good foiling ally. A couple of years ago, like several other brands, Cabrinha started trimming the proverbial fat off the meat, searching for performance gains through weight savings. Our worry, of course, concern lasting strength, but Cabrinha haven't been slow to introduce new material designs that seem to really perform in the lighter / stronger arena. In 2019 Cabrinha's unique Dacron blend on the leading edge was already noticeably stiffer than most for improved response (without re-testing the consumer's budget), while the Nano tech canopy is sleek to the touch, yet performs under strain. Bully fed the Moto into the jaws of the Hayling Island shoredump on more than one occasion and found only strong relaunch behaviour on the other side. We had the white / orange model. The reality of running a white rim through a northern hemisphere off season can quickly make it look like you forgot to wash your favourite match day shorts. Thankfully, a choice of more suitably hard wearing colours are available.

Recoil bar with the spring and trimming tabs, while the Trimlite bar features a cleat. Both bars have modular chicken-loop options. Read more in our other Cabrinha reviews

“A 100% true all-rounder that won't leave you wanting in any category of freeriding.”

SHORT SUMMARY: Despite its lean years on the market, the Moto is already tasting with the maturity of a finely aged wine. This isn't meant to be a beginners' kite – it's a high performance freeride kite that does a lot of jobs and they've got this absolutely bang on for complete all round performance.

KW LIKED: A 100% true all-rounder that won't leave you wanting in any category of freeriding. KW WOULD CHANGE: Get outta here! The Moto can perform for freestyle, but if you're more purely focused on unhooked tricks than hooked-in cross-over performance, look to the FX.

MOTO BALANCE POINTS: Build quality: 9 Full package: 9.5 Low end: 8 Top end: 8 Steering speed: 6 Turning circle: 5.5 Bar pressure: 5 Water relaunch: 8.5 Drift: DT Boost: 8.5 Hang-time: 8 Unhooked: 7 Crossover: 10 Ease of use: 9

SIZES: 14, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6 & 5m

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