Martin Vari was at the centre of the kite universe and chose to go pure. I know he has it figured out, whatever he wants to do. Definitely one of the most naturally talented riders ever

This is Felix Pivec. I’m sorry, I still long for the days when pros used footstraps (insert loud boos here) because they were going places surfers couldn’t go and doing stuff like this. Ha ha, it’s the last issue, I can say that!

Susi Mai was one of the first mega stars on social media with real world riding skills

Des Walsh - Naish executive since two line bucket kites

Sam Bell - Kinnikeet royalty and an ever-present in the early park movement in the US. Sam has been teaching since Real’s early days and is one of those riders who seems to never have a bad day

Reo Stevens, cover star of KW issue #01, is still firing. This is one of my favourites of him with the full intensity of Hawaiian power

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